Executive Presence: Unforgettable Speaking


Speak to Be Understood

Do you speak with a confident executive presence? If you want people to understand and remember your message, then keep reading!

I had the opportunity to visit the “Grand Canyon of Taiwan.” in the beautiful Taroko National Park. Unfortunately, I experienced a strong earthquake of a 6.6 magnitude, which originated near the park. Many of Taroko’s trails were immediately closed due to the threat of serious landslides. However, this crisis gave me the opportunity to make more new friends, as well as the chance to explore different scenic routes.

This unique experience reminded me of three important lessons about giving presentations.

1. Have a clear message

Like a road sign that says, “Beware of the Cliff,” your presentation is more powerful when it has a clear message. Do you have one key takeaway from your talk that your audience can remember?

2. Tell stories

Also, people tend to remember stories, whether they’re shared at the office water cooler or in front of a campfire. Do you want to make your message more memorable? Tell your audience an interesting story!

3. Make it flow

As well, like a river, your presentation should flow smoothly from start to finish. Your points and supporting evidence should make sense, relate to your message, and have natural transitions.

So if you want to people to understand and remember what you say, it helps to have a clear message, interesting stories, and flow from start to finish.

Do you have anything to add? What else makes for a memorable presentation? Please share in the comments area below.



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