Executive Presence: How to Speak With Confidence


Ron Tsang - Executive Presence: Speak with Confidence

Do you know how to build your executive presence, and sound confident when speaking in public?

Let me share three ancient secrets to help you speak with more confidence and credibility! Read on…

One: Avoid Filler Words.

What are filler words?

They are the sounds you often make when you stumble over your words, such as “uhh,”  “um,”  “like,” and “you know.”

Your audience can become easily distracted if you frequently stumble over your words. You also sound less confident and credible when you speak with excessive amounts of this verbal vomit!

Two: Pause and Think… Before You Speak.

Try not to open your mouth until you know what you want to say. This helps you keep your messages concise, as well as avoid using excessive filler words.

Three: Have a Conversation.

Try not to sound like a politician reading off a written script! Instead, can you imagine how you would normally speak to your friends, for example, at a restaurant or in your kitchen? You’ll be more much engaging if you stay authentic when you speak.

These 3 simple but effective tips have helped many other people like you develop their executive presence. If you follow these three ancient secrets the next time you need to speak in public, you’ll communicate with greater confidence and credibility, too!

What are your favourite tips for speaking with confidence?

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