Executive Presence & Confident Body Language


Move With Purpose!

Do you use effective non-verbal communication?

Do you have a confident executive presence?

Here’s a simple tip to make your body language work for you: Take a lesson from nature!

Make your body language work for you! 

Stand Like a Tree

Plant your legs into the ground like a tree. Get comfortable standing with a strong, confident stance.

Move With Purpose

But when you need to move, be sure to move with grace and purpose. Consider taking a few steps when you need to transition between key points. And use natural hand gestures to emphasize key moments in your presentation.

Avoid Distracting Actions

People are easily distracted. Whether they want to or not, your audience will pay attention to your non-verbal cues. If you sway back and forth, play with your ring, or jingle the coins in your pocket, it’s likely that you’ll distract your audience from what’s really important — your message.

These unnecessary movements may also signal a lack of confidence in public speaking.

So the next time you speak, be sure to move with purpose!

It will be easier for your audience to stay focused, and you will come across as being more confident!


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