Effective Eye Contact: 3 Public Speaking Tips


Ron Tsang -- Effective Body Language: Your Face

When you speak in public, do you want to be more confident and engaging?

Then you need to understand the secrets of effective body language!

Let me walk you through the three most important areas of non-verbal communication — your face, voice and body. Today we’ll discuss your face

First of all, smile!

Secondly, they say that “your eyes are the window to your soul.” If you eyes dart to the left and to the right when you speak, you look uncertain, or like you have something to hide. On the other hand, in Western culture, when you maintain eye contact with your audience, you look more confident and you speak with conviction.

And finally, do you know how you come across to others? Do you look more serious than you think?

Normally I have a pretty serious-looking face. If you’re like me, just open your face and be expressive! Don’t be afraid to move your eyebrows.

Here’s a tip to put it all together: imagine you’re looking at a happy, chubby baby. Chances are that you’ll look more confident and engaging right away!

Please stay tuned for more videos discussing the other two areas of non-verbal communication! Coming soon!

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