“This book is full of valuable ideas and techniques for how to become a great speaker. I highly recommend it.”
Jack Canfield
Co-Author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series


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Discover the blueprint to connect with any audience

Need to speak and make a great impression? If you want to go from fearful to confident, and average to outstanding, then this is the book that will take you to a standing ovation. Acclaimed speaker Ron Tsang shows you 15 powerful public speaking lessons in this practical and entertaining book.


Find out how to:

Overcome public speaking anxiety so that your expertise can shine

Win over hearts and minds using your natural speaking personality

Master the art of storytelling with 10 Hollywood secrets

Create captivating keynotes, seminars, and presentations

Present with more influence, power, and poise


This quick read is for everyone from experts and business owners, to students and employees, who want to sell their ideas and wow their audiences. The book includes access to additional free online resources, giving you all the help you need for your speaking success.

Table of Contents

Part one: Gain unstoppable confidence

Chapter 1: Lose Your Anxiety

Chapter 2: Flip Your Focus

Chapter 3: Keep Improving

Part two: Deliver unforgettable messages

Chapter 4: Present With Purpose

Chapter 5: Master Your Message

Chapter 6: Begin With A Bang

Chapter 7: Position Your Points

Chapter 8: End With Excellence

Chapter 9: Speak Without Notes

Part three: Create unbreakable connections

Chapter 10: Share Your Stories

Chapter 11: Lead With Language

Chapter 12: Hunt For Humor

Chapter 13: Talk Loud And Clear

Chapter 14: Engage With Body Language

Chapter 15: Involve Your Audience


Your 7-Day Presentation Challenge



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If you need to quickly gain more confidence in captivating your audience every time you speak then this book will really help!

Mark Bowden
Creator of TRUTHPLANE® Presentation Training


This book offers sage advice for packing class, elegance, power and punch into any presentation, and may well save serious speakers time, effort and embarrassment. And the bonus? This volume contains numerous interpersonal communication suggestions that are transferable to private life, too!

Nina Spencer
Keynote Speaker, Presentations Coach, Author of Getting Passion Out of Your Profession


Clear. Clever. Classy and Current. Ron Tsang gets my standing ovation. He has totally nailed it. My advice. Buy two copies and keep one locked-up: this book has legs.

Nicholas Boothman
Author of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less


I’m glad Ron wrote this book because I’m a firm believer that the wisest investment is wisdom, and this book is full of wisdom.

Jayson Gaignard
Founder of MastermindTalks

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The 7-Day Presentation Challenge by Ron Tsang

Find out how to speak with more power, influence, and poise – in just 7 days. Discover a step by step and day by day plan to develop and polish your next presentation, tailored just for you.



A Master Trainer’s Secrets Revealed by Jack Canfield

In this 90-minute recording, discover the strategies that Jack has used to help millions of people overcome their self-imposed limitations and achieve more than they thought possible. Plus, learn how these strategies have evolved into a proven system that ANYONE can use to achieve consistent results.



Sell More: 101 Ideas to Sell More Now! by Tom Stoyan, Canada’s Sales Coach

Practical, proven, and profitable ideas designed to help you move your business forward. This e-book has been endorsed by more professionals, associations, and sales professionals than any other book of its kind.



Strategic Marketing Process eBook by David Newman

This e-book covers 29 sales & marketing subjects from competitive positioning and marketing plans to campaigns, sales management and ROI. The 96-page book covers: (1) What the subject is & why it’s important; (2) Best and worst-case scenarios; and (3) Key steps to follow.



The Success Principles 10-Day Transformation Course with Jack Canfield

Discover Jack’s #1 Principle for gaining control of your life and getting what you want. Learn a science-based approach to retrain your brain for success. Plus, get Jack Canfield as your personal mentor for the next 10 days!

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This extraordinary book is loaded with great ideas you can use immediately to be a more powerful and persuasive speaker.

Brian Tracy
CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker, has given 5000 speeches in 75 countries


Ron has written a powerful tool for people to guide them to the highest level of presentations. Whether internal to small groups or external to thousands, the practical and philosophical information in this book is truly priceless!

Alvin Law
Certified Speaking Professional, Hall of Fame Speaker



You want a shortcut to becoming a powerful & profitable speaker? Buy, read, and apply Ron’s book.

Tom Stoyan
Canada’s Sales Coach, Hall of Fame Speaker


Ron Tsang has written THE definitive book on presenting with power, influence, and poise. From the basic building blocks all the way to advanced techniques used by professional speakers, successful political candidates, and seasoned corporate leaders, it’s all in here in one clearly-laid out package. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left out. If you want a book to take you from zero to hero in your presentation prowess, this book is it. Buy a copy for everyone on your team. Yes, it’s that good.

David Newman
Certified Speaking Professional, Author of Do It! Marketing

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Plus additional tools!

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