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From Presentation
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15 Actionable Ideas to Achieve Massive Influence

“This book is full of valuable ideas and techniques for how to become a great speaker. I highly recommend it.”

Jack Canfield

Coauthor of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“This extraordinary book is loaded with great ideas you can use immediately to be a more powerful and persuasive speaker.”

Brian Tracy

CPAE Hall of Fame Speaker, has given 5000 speeches in 75 countries

“I’m glad Ron wrote this book because I’m a firm believer that the wisest investment is wisdom, and this book is full of wisdom.”

Jayson Gaignard
Founder, MastermindTalks

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“Ron, you possess a special gift to bring out the best in others. Your voice, thoughts, and passion should be heard by everyone.”

Darrell Cheung, Owner, Satori Health & Wellness


Discover the blueprint to connect with any audience!

Find out how to:

• Overcome public speaking anxiety so that your expertise can shine

• Win over hearts and minds using your natural speaking personality

• Present with more influence, power, and poise


Need to speak and make a great impression?

Discover how to:

• Quickly create a compelling keynote speech, seminar, or presentation

• Remember your ideas easily using The Speaker GPS™

• Go from feeling fearful to confident, and average to outstanding


Get the secrets of business storytelling

Find out how to:

• Quickly create more effective stories using The Ovation Outline for Stories™

• Breathe new life into your talks with lessons from Hollywood and history

• Better connect, persuade, and engage with your audiences

Ron’s programs are available as keynote speeches or breakout sessions.

Contact Ron to find out if he is available to present both a keynote AND a breakout.

Consulting and Mentoring

“Done For You” Presentations

Wish someone could come up with your entire presentation for you? Hire Ron to gain peace of mind and save you time.

Ron will clarify and hone your key message, optimize your stories and ideas for maximum impact, and ensure that your presentation connects with your audience.

Ron may also be available to deliver presentations on your behalf as a one-time project or on retainer.

Business Communication Coaching

Get private consulting or mentoring to get more results from speaking and writing. Accelerate your success and see results sooner.

Discover how to use presentation tools effectively to increase audience engagement and action.

Ron may be available for mentoring with a short-term project or on a retainer.

Executive Presence

Increase your influence by enhancing your executive presence.

Discover how to control public speaking anxiety, develop your own unique speaking style, and capture the audience’s attention right from the get-go.

Ron may be available for short-term mentoring or a retainer.

About Ron


Ron works with organizations to improve employee productivity through clear business communication. He helps individuals increase their influence by enhancing their executive presence.

Ron is a Professor of Business Communication at The Business School at Centennial College, and teaches at the University of Toronto’s Rotman Executive Programs. He has also presented in six different countries, across three continents.


Ron is the author of the Amazon bestseller From Presentation to Standing Ovation: 15 Actionable Ideas to Achieve Massive Influence.

Available as a paperback, eBook, or audiobook.

“You want a shortcut to becoming a powerful and profitable speaker? Buy, read, and apply Ron’s book!”

Tom Stoyan, Canada’s Sales Coach, HoF (Hall of Fame Speaker)


Ron is a former stock analyst who evaluated thousands of presentations by CEOs and CFOs. He knows what it takes to deliver messages at the highest levels.

Ron has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, and an HBA from the University of Waterloo. He has helped experts at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, manufacturing companies, and government agencies to speak with power.

Ron is on a mission to help one million experts achieve massive influence from speaking.


Ron is an inspiring speaker and teacher – full of energy and passion, he kept us engaged and entertained throughout the entire workshop. Ron also gave us easy to remember and practical tips that we can take away to start improving our own presentation skills right away. Thanks Ron!

Lydia Chang
Corporate Finance Manager
Nestlé Canada

Ron’s consulting services helped me to refine my stories, improve my PowerPoint, define my presentation’s main takeaway and to have a stronger call to action. His passion for presentations is totally contagious

Shawn Mintz

Over the last couple of years Ron has helped me tremendously, and because of his skill and mastery, my communication skills have skyrocketed. He has not only improved my business ten-fold, but he has improved my ability to be more confident.

Ameer Rosic

Working with Ron through the Police Leadership Program at the Rotman School of Management with the University of Toronto, has certainly given me some great insight and tools that I can use to improve the job that I do on behalf of my service.

Chris Newton
London Police Service

Ron is highly experienced in the nuances of effective body language, and his practical tips can dramatically improve your presentation immediately.

Kenneth Cheung
BMO Financial Group

Fantastic! Our people were impressed with the power and applicability of your techniques! We definitely got the results that we asked you for! Thanks Ron!

Maria Racelis
National Learning & Organizational Development Manager
BDO Canada

Ron came in without knowing what the subject matter was and, within seconds, he was able to identify what our key concerns were, where we were trying to go with the presentation, and then give us some key points that we could implement right away.

Lori Doonan
Ontario Provincial Police

Ron provided us with step-by-step tips and tricks that will enhance our storytelling skills. Throughout our session, he related best practices in effective communication with our recent SickKids VS brand campaign which helped illustrate his examples in a manner that resonated with our staff. Ron has the natural ability to understand and connect with audiences. Many thanks, Ron!

Joanne Sweeney
Senior Specialist, Human Resources
SickKids Foundation



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Want to Easily Create Your Next Talk?

Get The Ovation Outline for Speeches™